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Bait Boat JABO-3CG

Bait Boat JABO-3CG
Dimensions: 790*575*270mm
Weight: 12.5kg (with battery X2)
Battery: 6V/12Ah storage battery X2
Speed: 2 m/s
Remote Range: 200 meters
Power: 540 Motor enhanced type
Bait Load: 5kg
Amount of Hanging Line Devices: 2 pieces

Main Functions:
Sailing forward & backward
Turning left & right
Casting bait
Releasing hooks.

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01. High quality engineering plastic made boat hull.
02. Adopting the structure of catamaran makes bait boat can sail smoothly, which has strong anti-wave property and large payload. It is fit for dropping and releasing hooks when fishing on sea. 
03. It can release two hooks at a time. The two bait cabins can be used for casting baits singly or together.
04. Hermetic rubber strips are fixed on each hatch cover of the hull, which makes it keep an excellent waterproof property.
05. Power section adopts double 540 motors and gear group deceleration. Comparing with the motor direct driving propeller, it has highly enhanced efficiency. Equipped with two storage batteries, it prolongs sailing distance.
06. Equipped with directing light,it is convenient for operation at night.
07. Stepless speed change operation of motors realizes the actions of sailing forward and backward, turning left and right and spot turning.
08. Using ISM wave band 433MHz proportion remote control equipment makes the boat to equip a strong anti-interference ability and much farther remote control distance. Each boat has a unique ID code which makes it possible for several boats being used in the same water area simultaneously.
09. Use dot matrix LCD that can show the landform of water bottom.

Remote Controller:
01. Adopting 128*64 LCD dot matrix displayer,it can show the contour of water bottom.
02. Water detection range 1~32 meters, resolution ratio 0.1 meter.
03. Sonar detection frequency: 200KHz
04. Detection range of water temperature 0~50℃.
05. User can define measurement unit, meter or foot, Celsius degree or fahrenheit degree.
06. Part enlargement function of water bottom is convenient for observing details.
07. GPS longitude and latitude shows the present place of the boat.
08. User can store 8 longitude and latitude places of releasing bait for coming back to release hooks next time.
09. Electric quantity display of boat dynamic battery and warning function of lower electricity.
10. The remote controller work with AA battery X4.
11. The remote control distance reach more than 200 meters.
12. 16-bit detection ID.
13. User can choose 6-Channels.
14. Radio frequency 433MHz.
15. Radio power: 15dbw
16. Receiving sensitivity: -110dbm
17. Modulation mode: FSK

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